Fudan - LSE Double Master Degree Program
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International Applicants: Please apply through LSE, and it will be the same as LSE reqular application.



Applicants from mainland China- Junior college students who are citizens of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), including students who are already enrolled in undergraduate programmes in Fudan University and other prestigious mainland Chinese universities, are eligible to apply to this programme through the recommendation (推荐) system, which enables qualified undergraduate students to participate in graduate programmes without taking the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination. Interested applicants should first apply, in September, to track three of Fudan School of Journalism’s two-year professional master degree programme Global Media and Communication International Double Master Degree Program. Applicants are required to have, or expect to have, a minimum GPA 3.5 (or equivalent) from their previous study, as well as meeting the necessary language entry requirements. For details, please visit the following webpage:




Applicants from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau – Applicants who are citizens of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, are required by Chinese law to complete the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau applicants and meet all the requirements, before their applications are jointly reviewed by Fudan University and LSE. For details, please visit the following webpage:




Important: Please consult with Fudan University of School of Journalism before submitting an application.




Mr. Wang Kun,

Programme Coordinator, Fudan-LSE Double-Degree

Fudan University – School of Journalism

Tel: 00-86-21-55664686

Email: wangkun@fudan.edu.cn


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