Q & A for 2015 Incoming Students
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Please visit our program website http://www.xwxy.fudan.edu.cn/dm/Default.aspx where you can find the program profile and other details (curriculum, scholarship application, etc) plus many answers to your questions. Fudan University English website have extensive information about your new institution. (http://www.fudan.edu.cn/en/)


1. When does the Fudan year start? When do lectures start?

Fudan year starts on August 31. Lectures start on September 6.


2. When are we supposed to arrive in Shanghai to complete all the paper work (visa, school registration, etc)? Do we have to stay on campus before lectures start?

Students need to arrive before August 31, and register with Fudan on Monday August 31. You are strongly encouraged to attend the full range of orientation events organized by Journalism school.Up-to-date information about the visa and other logistics can be found on Fudan International Students Office website: http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/en/


3. What enrolment information needs to be completed before we arrive in Shanghai?

The online registration confirming your place at Fudan has been completed, and no other information is needed before your arrival in Shanghai.


4. When does class registration start? Can we do it online before school starts or should we do it once we arrive?

Class registration starts on September 6 and ends on September 20. You will have two weeks to consider which courses to take. Registration at http://gsras.fudan.edu.cn/ssfw/login_en.jsp


5. How do we pay the tuition fees: per semester or per year? 

Most students must pay tuition per year by the scheduled payment deadline in the first week of each semester. There is also a tuition installment plan available on request. The plan allows students to pay tuition in two installments, with 40, 000 RMB to be paid at the first week of each semester.


 6. Is there any ways to see what the teaching schedule looks like? If not, when will it  be available?

Due to the availability of lecturers, the schedule will not be available at the earliest until the end of 2015 Spring semester, which is around July. You can check out the courses that are available for each semester at http://www.xwxy.fudan.edu.cn/dm/RePDFRead.aspx?info_lb=2&flag=2


7. What are the tuition fees for the 2nd year in Fudan? When and how do we pay the tuition fees?

The cost of full year tuition at Fudan is 80,000 RMB. You can pay either by credit card from July to Monday 31 August, or pay by cash on Monday 31 August (registration day).  The online payment link is http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/wszf.htm


8. What are the cost of university accommodation? How can we apply and pay? How early can we move into university accommodation?

A single room is 80 RMB/day and double room is 55 RMB/day. You can apply through http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/en/house.htm. The accommodation application system is normally open for one week, which is from early August to mid-August. Payments can be made online by credit card or by cash after your arrival. You can move into university accommodation on Monday 24 August at the earliest.


9. When can we get documents for visa application?

Fudan's international students office will issue visa invitation letter with new students welcome pack in early July. It will be delivered to the address students included in their online application form.


10. Is it possible to get a scholarship even though we took a gap year? How do we obtain it?

Those who have taken a gap year and will arrive in Shanghai in September still qualify to apply   for a scholarship. For details, please check out Fudan program website.


  11. How long does it take to get a visa to study in PRC? What are the different steps to   take?

For foreign nationals studying in China, the first step is to apply for an entry Visa in your country of residence or home country. This visa will be valid for only 30 days upon your arrival in China. After your arrival, you will need to collect a visa letter from Fudan International Office, register your residential address, and then apply by a designated date for a residential permit for study at an on-site visa service center. The resident permit will cover the duration of your study in China. You can get more information from the Chinese visa center in your country and also from the Fudan International Students Office website.


12. Do we have to do the 2-month mandatory internship in China? Do we have to do this mandatory internship even if we interned while on a gap year? 

The internship in China is a core subject which accounts for 1 credit point toward your degree. It involves a 20-day (120 hours) off-site internship done during the Fudan academic year. It involves three formal assignments: 1) a pre-placement (1,500 words) essay about the internship host company and your personal aims for outcomes; 2) a diary (2,000 words) of work done during the 20-day intern period; and 3) a reflective essay (2,000 words) on the experience. The internship host company is also asked to provide a review of your work.


Many students do internships during their gap year and we applaud their enthusiasm and keenness. The Fudan internship is an academic activity despite its practical application and needs to be done in Shanghai under the auspices of the Double Degree program. The internship coordinator can be consulted prior to your arrival at Fudan to discuss your prior internships, your industry preferences for placement and any other matters.


  13. Can we take all the credits in one semester?

No. The course program is linked to lecturer availability and the schedule varies accordingly. Many of the units can be taken in first semester, but language classes and at least one elective need to be taken in second semester when students also need to focus on the internship and final dissertation.


  14. When does the Fudan year end?

It ends at the start of July each year. The 2015-2016 academic year will conclude on Friday 24 June 2016, when the Fudan graduation ceremony will be hold.


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